10-year Anniversary


This sculpture, titled The Puppetmasters, was inspired by my experience at William Beaumont Hospital suffering from acute necrotizing pancreatitis.  The work of art was created for Dr. Robert Jury who headed up the surgical team that steadfastly performed double digit surgeries over the course of 75 days to bring my failing body back to life.  At the time I created this sculpture, I described the work as follows: working within the format of a picture frame, a 35mm slide and/or that of a theatrical stage, the failing pancreas is being lifted from the black depths by two puppetmaster controls.  One represents that of the surgeon's work and the other, a spiritual intervention.  The network of support wires portray both the constant barrage of needles and the life-supporting tubes the patient endured.  The paths of support wires seem to have the organ locked in, unable to be pulled free of the picture frame.  Hopefully, some day, the reason for the successful solving of the entanglement will be brought to light.

Now, Ten years later I see that divine intervention was working in concert with family, friends and my surgical team, I am forever grateful to all.